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15 Reasons to Have Plants in Your Home!

We have some exciting news! We just got our first trademark: Home is Where Your Plants Are®. You've probably seen the phrase stamped on your plant mail or written throughout the site, but we're thrilled to say it's officially ours. The phrase encapsulates our feelings about outdoor and indoor gardening — a home is more than where you rest your head at night, it's where you nurture nature and escape the stresses of life in your little jungle. 

And even though it was a much longer process than we realized to obtain the trademark,  we now have an official phrase that will continue to be our inspiration as we share plant love all over the country.

To celebrate this accomplishment, enjoy 15% off your next order with code home15. This special will end on Aug. 3 at 11:59 p.m. ET, so shop while you can save! 

And if that discount doesn't convince you enjoy to claim that houseplant you've been eyeing, here's 15 reason you should have live foliage your home.

1. They're aesthetically pleasing. Why buy trinkets when you can decorate with plants?

2. Multiple studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress and anxiety.

3. It's a great way to disconnect with technology and really get your hands dirty.

4. Another study found that plants can help increase attention.

5. Big plants, pink plants, rare plants, classic plants... they're all great conversation starters! 

6. Most plants are very affordable. Who said you need a $500 plant to be a plant person?

7. Itching to start a collection? Trust us when we say that it's fun to hunt down wishlist plants! 

8. It's a hobby you can do with your friends and family, especially if you have a lot of plants.

9. And if you're friends and family aren't into plants, it's always easy to find friends in the ever growing plant community!

10. It's a great way to be creative. Decorating with plants and finding the perfect container is the perfect way to express yourself.

11. Collecting plants can lead to learning more about nature and ways to help improve the environment.

12. Multiple studies have shown that plants can help increase mood and decrease depression.

13. Overcoming plant challenges is not only a great feeling, but it can teach life lessons and help build confidence.

14. Some studies suggest that some houseplants can help purify the air. 

15. It's just super fun! If you haven't tried houseplants yet, now's the time!

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