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Tips For Keeping Houseplants Warm During Winter

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Well, it is where some of you are! Here in Florida, last week was the coldest it has been in a few years. For us, that means 33, not the sub-freezing temps that many of you are experiencing. With that in mind, a few tips on houseplant health in the cold might be useful.

Of course, make sure your plants are inside. If you are in a warmer spot, like us here in the Tampa Bay area, or anywhere in the southern states, you might keep some of your houseplants outside on a porch or patio. Make sure you bring them inside when it gets cold. At our house that means spreading towels and blankets out in the living room and on the dining room table and lining up the plants on them. It makes the house a real jungle, and I'm always tempted to leave it that way.

If you are in an area that stays cold for long periods, I'm sure that your houseplants are already indoors, but where you put them inside can make a difference too. Make sure your plants aren't near a drafty window, or next to a door where they will get a blast of really cold air each time you come in or out of the house. Most houseplants are tropical plants native to jungles and rainforests, even small amounts of icy air can cause them some damage. On our coldest night, a few of the most sensitive philodendrons we have aren't even happy in our heated greenhouse!

Another winter consideration is how dry your home is. With plants cooped up inside and the heater running constantly, the air is way drier than they like it. Be sure to spritz plants with water occasionally or use a humidity tray (a simple saucer with pebbles in it, filled about halfway with water) to maintain slightly higher humidity levels around plants. Clustering plants together can also help increase the humidity around them.

So, keep your plants happy this winter, and in the meantime, stay warm. Spring is coming and with it the fun of watching your plants put on a new flush of growth and come alive again. We can't wait to share it with you.

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