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Stories By Joey: Dad's Tool Box

Stories By Joey

One of my favorite gifts to give my dad for Father's Day used to be a 'Dad's Tool Box' with coupons for things that I could do for him. You probably made one at school at some point in time. For some reason I always focused on garden chores. Even now, some thirty-odd years later, my dad finds old unredeemed coupons for mowing the lawn or weeding a flower bed. I usually try to make up excuses about expiration dates to try to get out of letting him redeem older coupons. My intentions were good, I really was trying to give dad a break from some of the things he had to do around the house. I just didn't always follow up on completing those tasks.

As I've gotten older, I still like to give coupons. Now it isn't for chores to be done, but for some kind of experience together, and this year, being together feels like the best gift of all. As lives get busier and busier, time spent together is so precious. Of course, I'm very careful about expiration dates on any coupons given . . .

We hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summer. It is starting out as a hot one here in Florida and I think some of the heat has reached all over the country at this point. That makes it the perfect time to give a little more attention to your indoor plant babies.

If you happen to have a dad that loves plants, treat him to a living gift. Be sure to include a special Father's Day note at checkout. To sweeten the deal, this week only, you get free shipping on orders over $35 when you use the code PlantDaddy at checkout (good through 6/16/2021). Be sure to place orders by Sunday, June 13th for Father's Day shipping. And if you happen to be local to the Tampa area, make some memories with dad by visiting The Kerby's Houseplant Shop and the rest of our garden center in person. We look forward to sharing some plant love with dads everywhere.

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