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Plant Mistakes Happen, Here's Why You Shouldn't Worry

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I really messed up the other day. I have this beautiful silver sword philodendron that I’ve been growing for a couple of years. The leaves are gorgeous. Most of them are about 18 inches long and have a lovely silvery sheen to them. The shape is cool too. When the plants are little, the leaves have great color, but aren’t that interesting in shape. As they age, they get a more defined triangular look and, well, they are just lovely.

So, we were hosting a birthday party for my niece the other day and I wanted to set the silver sword in a decorative pot to keep the kids from knocking it over. I picked the pot, had it all set out, but I needed to stake the plant up a little, as it was flopping quite a bit. I grabbed some tie tape, went to hold up the main stem and it broke off in my hand. Just clean broke off. I figure it must have been damaged at some other time, probably by our dog Pearl in her never-ending quest to find all the lizards on our patio, because it came off with barely any pressure. But I have to say, I was quite disappointed.

But the amazing thing about the plant world is I know it will regrow. Both the original plant that the stem was broken from and even the broken piece now that I’ve repotted it into a new pot with some fresh soil. The plant world is amazingly forgiving. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had happen to a plant?


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