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Why You Should Go Easy On Your Houseplants

Go easy on your plants.

I know you are probably thinking, ‘That’s weird’, but after years of answering plant questions and coaching people on how to take care of their plants, that is one piece of advice that comes to mind. We know that you love your plants, but sometimes, you’ve got to love them just by looking at them. Sing to them if that makes you happy. Play them your favorite song and just enjoy being with them.

What I really mean is this. Sometimes plants need things done to them. Throughout their lives, there will be times that they need to be repotted, pruned, or treated for a particular issue. They don’t need those things done all the time. Gardening of any sort requires patience and caring for houseplants is no different. We often encounter people that have tried five different things on their plants in the span of five days, and the only answer we can give is that no one of those things will make a change in a plant that quickly. If you change something about the environment of a plant, the soil it is in, the pot, or the placement, you’ve got to give the change a few weeks to see if it has an effect on your plant.

To sum it up, love your plants, but not too much. Make small changes to a plant’s environment and let it adjust and adapt. Come to think of it that’s probably good advice for people too.

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