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Stories By Joey: Happy Winds-day, Post "Hurricane"

Stories By Joey

Hurricane Elsa came and went and what she left us with is what Winnie the Pooh called a 'Winds-day'. Sitting outside Wednesday morning, the breeze was strong enough to make it feel like a (Florida) fall day, not like the middle of July. And even though Elsa has left the state of Florida, I know she is slowly tracking across the southeast. We hope all of you in the path of the storm weather it alright. We were fortunate that the eye of the storm stayed off the coast and all of our plants and greenhouses made it through a stormy, windy night without any problems.

Today, you're just getting a short newsletter, because although the storm didn't cause any damage at our nursery, the preparations we made ahead of time did and we are still busy putting everything back together. After the fact, it feels like we went a little overboard, but better safe than sorry, right? Hurricanes can be unpredictable and it's always better to be ready.

If you are in the path of Elsa, we hope that you stay safe and as always, we thank you for being a Kerby's Houseplant Shop customer.

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