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How to Grow Hoyas From Seeds

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We found a seedpod on a Hoya Jade! So for our most recent Teaching Tuesday we discussed how to grow Hoyas from seeds 🤗

  • Due note, it’s not uncommon for seedpods to sprout, but it’s usually only seen on more mature Hoyas.
  • It can take months for the seedpod to ripen. Once it is, it will naturally split open to release its seeds.
  • Do not cut open the seedpod prematurely if you’re wanting the seeds. The seeds need to mature in the pod and removing them early will make them ineffective.
  • Once the seedpod starts naturally splitting open, you can help it along gently and extract the seeds. To ensure capture of the seeds, wrap the pod in mesh, gauze or nylon. These materials will allow the pod to still breath but prevent the seeds from blowing away.
  • Once you harvest the seeds, now it’s time to plant. If the seeds are not freshly harvested, soak them for at least 12 hours to rehydrate before planting.
  • Using a seedling tray, plant the seeds in rich potting soil with perlite to ensure drainage.
  • Plant the seeds at least one inch deep, cover with dry potting soil, and bottom water. Now it’s time to germinate!
  • Once they sprout, feel free to fertilizer, make sure to maintain humidity, and keep them in the tray a few weeks or months before repotting.
  • Growing Hoyas from seeds can be challenging, so don’t get discouraged if every seed doesn’t take. You’re still an amazing plant parent 😊

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