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How To Stake A Small Houseplant

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Life Lived Inside: Things Are Heating Up

There are times of the year when our plants would probably prefer being outside. Most are native to warm, humid jungles and rainforests, but it’s so hot outside right now, that I think all of our outdoor plants are secretly peeking in the windows of our homes, jealous of the houseplants that get to enjoy the cooled air and reprieve from the sun. I don’t know about your area of the country, but it is crazy hot here in Florida. We’re making the best of it swimming in the pool and eating popsicles, and of course, playing with our plants indoors. We hope you have fun with your plants this weekend as well, and if you need to add anything to your plant collection check out today’s restock. Plants go live at noon EST. Happy Planting!

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This week for Teaching Tuesday, we demonstrated via Reel how and why it's okay to remove damaged leaves, and how to stake a plant with skinny stems and numerous nodes. This Syngonium Ice Frost went from funky and leggy to beautiful and standing tall. 

Click the image to watch the Reel and learn more!

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