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Stories By Joey: Plants Make You Healthy

Stories By Joey

I probably don't have to tell you that plants are good for you. That soil is good for you. That planting plants in soil is good for you. You know that when you're feeling anxious, stressed, angry, or overwhelmed, that just a few minutes with plants can give you a fresh perspective.

And in the book The Nature Fix, by Florence Williams, you'll find the science to back up what you already know. I was lucky enough to see her present her book and the findings at a recent garden center conference. What she shared is remarkable. In many of the studies she references (and participated in), just a little time in nature leads to measurable physiological changes in the human body, including reduced heart rate and blood-pressure.

The biggest finding is that you don't have to be in nature full-time to reap the benefits. While spending a week in the mountains or at the beach would be beneficial, she realized that we can't all do that all of the time (but we can dream, right?). And that became the reason for the title The Nature Fix. Little micro-doses of nature are enough. Simply being in the presence of a plant is enough to make us calmer, more rational, and a little healthier. In the end, she found that 20 minutes a day was a sweet spot for balancing nature with life. If you can find 20 minutes a day to be in nature, to be with a plant, to walk in a garden, that's all you need to leverage the benefits of nature.

You probably knew that in your gut already. A little time in the with plants goes a long way toward literally grounding us and making us feel like everything is going to be OK. The last 18 months prove that for sure. Plants have been and will continue to be there for you to get your daily dose of nature.

If you happen to be local to the Tampa area (we're actually in Seffner, just 20 minutes from downtown Tampa), join us at our garden center, Kerby's Nursery, for our Houseplant Care Seminar at 10am this Saturday, October 9th. We'll show you how easy it is to get your nature fix by bringing beautiful plants into your indoor spaces.

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