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Preparing Your Plants for Autumn

Plant Care

Even though we don't have colorful trees, pumpkin-picking farms, and chilly weather in Central Florida this time of year, we do have gorgeous tropical plants thriving in our greenhouse — gorgeous tropical plants that long to be swept away, into a home where they can bask near sunny windows and make friends with other plants.

So if you live in a region that's experiencing chilly temperatures, don't let the season change discourage you from adopting houseplants. Just follow these tips to keep foliage happy and healthy all autumn long.

1. Change Locations: As days shorten, sunlight patterns adjust. Move your houseplants so they're still receiving an appropriate amount of rays. Houseplants also hate drafts, so make sure they're away from front/back doors and cold windows.

2. Increase Humidity: Heating units dry out homes, so make sure to maintain humidity by placing houseplants near each other, or using a pebble tray or humidifier.  

3. Slow Down Watering: Since your houseplants will receive less sunlight as we enter autumn, you won't need to water as much. Adjust accordingly and always make sure to check the first few inches of soil before giving plants a drink.

If you ever have care questions, always feel free to contact us via Instagram or Facebook. As we always say... anyone can sell you plants, we make sure you succeed.

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