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Tips For Keeping Your Plants Warm During Colder Seasons

They say some like it hot and this is especially true for houseplants. As we move into the fall season (except for us Floridians, but we hear that some folks up north are experiencing fall-like temperatures) and temperatures begin to drop, be sure that you have all of your favorite houseplants in an area where they can be kept warm and cozy.

Most houseplants prefer warm, humid conditions. Just think about where most of them are native to, jungles and rainforests in tropical climates. So as the weather dries and cools, you want to make sure they are still getting the warmth and humidity that they need.

If you've allowed your plants to enjoy being outdoors over the summer, it is probably time to bring them in if temperatures are dropping below 60°F or so in your area. And you want to make sure that your indoor temperatures are appropriate, too. As you start to warm your home, be sure that plants aren't near a radiator or heater where they might get too hot. The sweet spot for most plants is 75° to 85°. This is a bit high for our homes, so just keep in mind that they don't want to be overly hot, but they do grow best when they are on the warmer side. Inside, anything from 65° to 75° is acceptable for most plants as long as there aren't wild temperature fluctuations (dropping or rising more than 15° in a short period of time).

Keep the temperatures consistent for your plants and they'll successfully make it through another winter.

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