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Stories By Joey: The Vanishing Pancake

Stories By Joey

For a few weeks now, we've been talking all about plants, with topics like proper fertilization as well as variegation and fenestration. This week, to change it up, I'm sharing a family story that I hope makes you chuckle. You can always search our blog site for past articles about various plant topics and if you are looking for the new arrivals, click here to go to the collection, remember new items won't be up until noon EST. And now, I give you The Vanishing Pancake.

My girls say I'm a little strange because I like to toast leftover pancakes and waffles. I don't see what the problem is. Pop them in the toaster, and you get a crispy, golden-brown result. Nuke them for 30 seconds in the microwave and they're just steamy and soggy. Strange as they think that it is, it's always how I've warmed up my breakfast leftovers.

And I've never had a problem before. The little, upright 2-slice toaster that we have is probably 20 plus years old, hailing from our college days. It's a workhorse and has always done its job well . . . until a morning last week.

Admittedly, pancakes are a little thin and can sometimes fall off of the basket that cradles your breakfast morsels in the toaster. On this morning, a pancake did slip through the cracks. No problem, unplug the toaster and carefully retrieve with a plastic utensil.

But as I reached in to retrieve my delectably crisped pancake, it slips even further down. Like down beneath the toasting chamber. Hmmm. Then, I think, wait, there's a crumb tray, it's somehow slipped into that. Easy fix. Pull out the crumb tray and retrieve. Nope. Thwarted again. The pancake was under the crumb tray. I still figured I could shake it loose and get breakfast going.

As I tip the toaster this way and that, I can see the pancake. It's on the verge of emerging, when suddenly, taunting me in all its crispy goodness, it gracefully slides around a 90-degree angle into the sidewall of the toaster. Gone forever. Short of fully disassembling the toaster, there was no way of retrieving breakfast.

The silver lining is that now we have a fancy 4-slice toaster, perfect for our family and free of hidden pancakes. The girls looked askance at me when one of the first things I put in the new toaster was a leftover pancake. I like my breakfast the way I like it, what can I say.

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