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Calatheas: Tips and Tricks & White Fusion Care

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Calathea Care Tips

Some people have very strong opinions about Calatheas, many of which are negative, but we're here to change your mind. Calatheas are gorgeous, tropical plants that feature a rainbow of colors and intricate leaf patterns. Yes, they require higher humidity and consistent watering, but something as beautiful as a Calathea deserves your attention. And don't let social media trick you, some varieties are rather easy-going—Rattlesnakes, Peacocks, Pinstripes, Burle Marxiis, and Freddies to name a few. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your Calatheas happy and healthy. 

Light: Medium to bright indirect, brighter light is best since it allows the plant to conduct photosynthesis more easily.  

Water: Calatheas need consistency with watering, and since the environment can really dictate when to water, we always recommend checking the first few inches of soil beforehand. If those first few inches are slightly moist but almost dry, give your Calathea a drink. After a while, the plant should adapt and it'll be easier to maintain consistency. 

Humidity: Calatheas like higher humidity, we recommend keeping it above 65%. Watch our Five Ways to Increase Humidity Reel for more tips. 

Pets: The best part about Calatheas? They're non-toxic! So if you have curious cuties or hungry puppies, no need to fret if your place is filled with Calatheas.

If you ever have questions about Calatheas, feel free to contact us via Facebook or Instagram, we offer free one-on-one advice and try to respond within 24 hours. 


A lot of the care tips above are very similar if not the same for Calathea White Fusions, one of the most particular Calathea varieties. But just to reiterate, here's more specific care tips.

Humidity: Here in Central Florida, they actually do really well outside in the shade. Our humidity levels range throughout the year, but our average sits around 70%. We have found that maintaining 70-75% humidity levels for these cuties are best. Too much humidity can also cause them to shrivel up.

Water: We never recommend letting the White Fusion dry out between waterings. It does best when the soil levels are consistently moist, so water 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘢𝘴 the first few inches of soil start drying out.

Light: To maintain its gorgeous variegation, keep in bright indirect sunlight. Make sure it’s not sitting right up against a super bright, hot window, it’s leaves are also susceptible to burning.

Fertilize: Don’t forget to fertilize! Depending on where you live, the environment of the plant, and the type of fertilizer you prefer, all that will dictate how often you should fertilizer. We always recommend fertilizing at least during the growing months (spring and summer). We love granular slow-release fertilizer by Osmocote and liquid Indoor Houseplant Food by Espoma.

Prune: We’ll be honest, brown tips every once in awhile are hard to avoid. Don’t worry if it’s just one bad leaf, leaves don’t last forever. If the leaf is super bad, we recommend pruning it to help promote new growth. When you keep dead leaves on plants, they can still use energy and take away from other parts of the plant that could benefit from a nice pruning.

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