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Watering Tips for Dramatic Plants

Plant Care Specific Plant Care

Click the image to see a time lapse of this wilted plant

 You’re Polka-Dot Plant might just be thirsty 💦

  • Wilting results from overwatering, under-watering, extreme heat and/or high humidity. In this case, the Polka-Dot Plant needed water since the soil was dry and the leaves were warm.
  • After giving it a nice drink, we checked it periodically to make sure the soil was being saturated all the way through.
  • We also removed the water from the tray so the plant wasn’t sitting in soaking-wet conditions.
  • After about 40 minutes, the plant perked back up and looked better than ever.
  • Some plants are just a little dramatic, so don’t freak out if you see it wilting. Give it some water and go from there. If the plant is still struggling, feel free to message us with questions!

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