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What Are Plant Scars? Are They Bad?

Plant Care

Sometimes, leaves act just like our skin. 
As pictured above, these rough, discolored spots may alarm a plant parent, but they're actually just scars and are totally natural. Remember, plants are alive and no living thing is perfect. 

Why does scaring occur? Does it impact the health of plants?

A gentle bump or a plant falling can lead to scarring, but many plant scars occur when leaves unfurl. If the leaf doesn't unfold perfectly smooth, it may accrue a few small damages. There aren't many solutions to prevent this, we don't recommend touching or assisting new leaves, this can actually lead to more scaring. Just make sure your plant is receiving the recommended amount of indirect sunlight so it can work to evenly unfurl new leaves. 
Honestly, plant scarring is a sigh though that the plant is healthy enough to heal. We encourage people to accept the scars, it's what makes living plants so unique and interesting. 
If you consider the scaring unsightly, you can remove the leave to help promote new growth. Just remember, scaring does not impact the health of your plant. Plants are way smarter than we realize and will adapt in most situations. 

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