Pothos Jade - 4" Pot
Pothos Jade - 4" Pot
Pothos Jade - 4" Pot

Pothos Jade - 4" Pot

Epipremnum aureum 'jade'

This variety of the classic, easy-care pothos has lush green leaves that cascade from baskets and pots. A great trailer for low-light rooms in your home. 

Easily prune the vines to keep the plant bushy or let them trail on and on and on. This plant is also great to decorate with: use small hooks to have it climb up a wall, wrap around a mirror, or drape from a shelf. The possibilities are endless with pothos.

Light: Medium to bright indirect light, can handle lower light
Water: Medium to low water requirement. Water once the first few inches of soil dry out
Temperature: Average household temperature
Humidity: Average to low for houseplants, 60% or less

*** Photographed plant accurately represents the batch 

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