Hoya Lacunosa - 4" Pot
Hoya Lacunosa - 4" Pot
Hoya Lacunosa - 4" Pot

Hoya Lacunosa - 4" Pot

Hoya lacunosa

Cute tear-drop shaped leaves cascade delightfully out of a pot or basket, creating a lovely cascade of foliage. White splashes may appear on the leaves, adding a fun pop of variegation. New leaves come in as a deep red and eventually transform to green; keep in brighter indirect light to encourage more red around the leaves. As this plant matures, and when given proper care, clusters of white flowers can bloom along the vines.

Light: Medium to bright indirect light
Water: Medium to low water requirement. Water once the first few inches of soil dry out
Temperature: Average household temperature
Humidity: Average for houseplants, 60%
Pets: Generally safe for pets

*** Photographed plant accurately represents the batch 

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