Syngonium Pink - 4" Pot

Syngonium Pink - 4" Pot

Syngonium podophyllum ‘neon robusta’

Is it just us, or does this beautiful pink variety of the popular arrowhead vine family look like it's sticking his tongue out? What a tease! But don't fret, this bold beauty is very easy-care... and that's not a joke. In order to maintain its bright pink color, we recommend keeping it in brighter indirect light even though it can take a variety of light conditions. At full maturity, it will reach about a foot tall with vines trailing as long as two feet. Easily prune the vines to maintain a compact look, perfect for smaller spaces.

Light: Medium to bright indirect light
Water: Medium to low water requirement. Water once the first few inches of soil dry out
Temperature: Average household temperature
Humidity: Average for houseplants, 60%

*** Photographed plant accurately represents the batch 

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