Frequently Asked Questions


Your success is important to us. We take great care in selecting your plants and packaging them, so if there's an issue with the plant(s) upon arrival, please contact us within 48 hours at We ask that you include pictures of the plant(s) and any necessary details in email.

If you start having issues with a new plant (or any of your plants, really), also feel free to email us or message us via Instagram or Facebook. We aim to respond within 24 hours and will help you diagnose a problem, determine a solution and more!


We're shipping you off to our Shipping page for more information! 

Special Orders

We very much understand that feeling of hunting down a wishlist plant or finding that super rare beauty. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to accommodate special plant requests and do not maintain a waitlist for new items. Fortunately! We drop New Arrivals every Thursday at noon ET, follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more information.

Changes to an Existing Order

Waiting is the worst part, we get it, that's why we strive to process and package your order quickly and efficiently. Any changes to your order must be received within 12 hours of placing your original order to ensure we have time to make that change. E-mail changes to and we'll work to accommodate your request. Of course, changes cannot be made once an order is shipped.

Forms of Payment

To make your checkout experience even easier, we accept all major credit cards, Google Pay and Facebook Pay.


We don't have to tell you twice! Once those new plants arrive, make sure to unpack them ASAP.

  • When you open the box, dig through the biodegradable peanuts to find your potted plants double wrapped to protect their leaves.
  • Untie the twine and keep that Care Card for tips and tricks.
  • Now's the fun part! Slowly slide the plant out of the paper sleeve being careful not to bend any leaves.
  • Inside the paper sleeve is a satin sleeve also protecting the leaves, remove the rubber band and this sleeve slowly. 
  • Next, you'll see moss covering the soil, which was placed to maintain moisture during shipping, simply remove ad discard this topping.

We do not advise replanting for at least 2-4 weeks in order to give your plant an opportunity to adjust to its new living environment. Visit our Houseplant Care page for tips on watering, fertilizing and caring for your new plants.


Although we take great care in packaging your plants for safe delivery, sometimes things happen. If a plant arrives damaged, please email within 48 hours of receiving you package. We ask that you include your order number and photos of the plant in the email. We want to make sure we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If the physical package was damage, please report it to the appropriate postal service as soon as possible. 

Plant Sizes and Details

When you see a plant you like on our site, rest assure knowing the photo accurately represents what's available. We are constantly updating product photos so you can be confident in what you're buying. Of course, each plant is unique and there will be some variation in leaf color, pattern, size and number of leaves.

Size references for plants (4", 5", 6" etc.) refer to the diameter of the pot that the plant is planted in, not to the height or width of the plant. For rare and unique items, we will post individual pictures of the exact plant you will receive and the plant will also sport a fun name given by us (i.e. a Florida Ghost Philodendron may have the name Casper). 

Ways to Shop

Good news! The Kerby’s Houseplant Shop is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you're local to the Greater Tampa Bay Area in Florida, come visit our garden center, Kerby’s Nursery, where our physical Houseplant Shop resides. Locals can also order plants that are exclusively online and pick them up at Kerby's Nursery. Visit for more information on our retail garden center.

Kerby's Nursery
2311 S Parsons Ave. 
Seffner, FL 33584

Plant Care

We got you covered! Visit our Houseplant Care page for advice on taking care of your new plant babies.