Unpacking, Unwrapping and Unconditionally Loving Your New Plants

Now the fun begins! Follow the unpacking instructions below to ensure they complete their journey safe and sound. 

1. Carefully Open the Box

Most of our boxes have an opening on the long edge. These boxes can lay flat on a table with the shipping label pointing upwards. Sometimes we use tall boxes with the opening on the short end. Stand these boxes up so that the Live Plants stamp is properly oriented. Now cut the packing tape, being sure not to let your scissors or knife go too far into the box. 

2. Remove the Peanuts

To keep your plants safe and snug, we use biodegradable packing peanuts. Remove these and set to the side to expose the paper sleeves your plants are in. No need to throw away the peanuts, they are biodegradable and will dissolve quickly in water. 

3. Gently Lift Plants Out

Gently lift your plants out of the box and stand them up properly on their pots. You may want to do this on a tray or towel, since there may be residual water or dirt that has loosened during shipping. If your plant came in a tall box, you can remove it by lifting up on the sleeve.  

4. Remove Sleeves

There are two sleeves protecting your plant. A sturdy paper sleeve and a satin sleeve to keep the moisture in. Remove the paper Care Card from outside the paper sleeve and then carefully cut away the paper sleeve. Similarly, remove the rubber band holding the satin sleeve on and cut this inner sleeve off. Your plant will be happy to be out in the open again.  

5. Remove Moss

To deliver water to your plants during shipping, there is dormant green moss on the top of the pot. Simply remove and discard this moss.

6. Check for Water

Check your plant for water. Remember, it shipped from Florida and depending on how far away you are, it has been a few days since the plant has received a drink. Generally, the new plant will enjoy a good soaking as soon as it's unpacked. If the soil seems moist (stick your finger in to check) wait to water until the first few inches of soil have dried.

Last But Not Least. Enjoy!

Now sit back and enjoy the beautiful addition to your home. At this point, we recommend waiting a few weeks to repot so your plant to get used to its new surroundings. Follow the basic instructions on the paper Care Card for indirect light and watering instructions. Check out our Houseplant Care page for more tips and tricks to keep those plant babies thriving.