Palm Ponytail - 4" Pot
Palm Ponytail - 4" Pot

Palm Ponytail - 4" Pot

Beaucarnea recurvata

This drought-tolerant, easy-care plant adds a funky touch your tropical collection. Native to arid climates, make sure to not overwater this cutie nor have it stay soggy. The long, slender leaves still need cleaning though, so an occasional mist won’t hurt. As it matures, expect the trunk to swivel up in a bonsai-like way as the fronds grow longer. When kept indoors, this palm can reach eight feet tall.

Light: Bright indirect light
Water: Low water requirement. Water once the soil dries out
Temperature: Average household temperature
Humidity: Low for houseplants, 50% or less
Pets: Generally safe for pets

*** Photographed plant accurately represents the batch 

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