Z-Z Plant Raven - 4" Pot
Z-Z Plant Raven - 4" Pot
Z-Z Plant Raven - 4" Pot

Z-Z Plant Raven - 4" Pot

Zamioculcas zamiifolia 'raven'

This plant is so easy to care for, that the houseplant community actually jokes about it. With its ability to handle the lowest of indirect light (that doesn't mean zero light) to bright indirect light, and its love for drier environments, this plant was born to be a houseplant. At full maturity, it can reach about three feet in height, making it perfect for spaces that need some height. Plant babies will also sprout around the base of the plant, making it look even lusher.

Light: Medium indirect light, does well in lower light
Water: Low water requirement. Water once the soil dries out.
Temperature: Average household temperature
Humidity: Low for houseplants, 50%

*** Photographed plant accurately represents the batch 

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